BubbleBlaster™-Fun bubble shooter
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Easy to use
Fun for kids
Durable material

Enjoy the coolest bubble show ever!

Looking for a cool toy for the park? Arm yourself with the best bubble blower on the market and enjoy the soapy, magical scenes it creates!

BubbleBlaster™ is totally badass, it looks like a Gatling gun and shoots like one too. Kids can use it safely and have fun firing endless streams of colorful bubbles!

If you have young children, you know how much they love blowing bubbles. Create unforgettable memories for any birthday, vacation or just the next trip to the park with BubbleBlaster™!


✔️   Never-ending fun

Do your kids love to blow soap bubbles around? Fill the scene with hundreds of colorful bubbles waiting to be burst!

✔️ Spreads excitement everywhere

Create an unforgettable bubble show for all the kids in the park. Fire a whole galaxy of bubbles with a simple squeeze!

✔️Armed to the teeth

Having a bubble war? It's time to bring out the big guns! BubbleBlaster™ easily outperforms all other bubble blowers out there!

✔️Easy and fun to play with

Starting a bubble show with the BubbleBlaster™ is super-easy. Just fill the soap cartridge with soapy water, attach it to the gun and press the trigger to 

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Gracie McGlynn

great, arrived very fast, seller posted the order very fast

Ricky Bruen

Super Cool, the kid is having a heap. Good product for kids fun

Kaitlyn Bernhard

The dry cool is sought and kids favorite dish. Highly recommended. Highly recommended.

Ambrose Pfeffer

It came on time, there are no bubbles in the kit, batteries too, the quality of the norms for such money. The box is whole.

Rocio Predovic

Excellent Toy, my daughter loved! Recommend

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Is this toy safe to play with?

the bubble blaster is a soap bubble shooter with no small parts or identifiable hazard. It is completely safe for kids to play with.

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