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Great Ghristmas gift
Fun for kids

Fun Christmas present for your loved ones!

Christmas is just around the corner and the SantaClimber™ is here to make the holidays even more exciting! It sings, it climbs and it has lights! 

Add a unique touch to Christmas decorations and entertain children and visitors alike with this super cool Christmas toy!


✔️   Sweet and funny

Riding Santa is a Christmas toy in Christmas attire. It's been made with great attention to detail, so it looks exactly like the real Santa Claus, except it's much cuter and funnier! Everyone will be thrilled when they see this cute toy in their home!

✔️ Entertainment

The riding Santa can sing, laugh and show a light show at the same time! It will offer its own show at Christmas tables and gatherings. Just turn him on and watch everyone gather around him, enjoying his hilarious appearance and being entertained by his singing and dancing!

✔️Decorative piece

The SantaClimber™ can make your Christmas decorations much more attractive and fun thanks to its cute look and attractive features. Put it next to the Christmas tree and on the table, or just put some of them up during a Christmas party to have more fun!

✔️A nice gift for kids

The SantaClimber™ is made of smooth ABS plastic and plush material which is comfortable to touch and hold. It is a perfect gift for children! Give it to your kids or children to your friends and family members, and they will love it immediately!

14- Days Money Back Guarantee 

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily return it within 14 days without giving any reason. You will get your money back immediately!

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Can I place it outdoors for decoration?

The santa toy is not waterproof so it's better to keep it indoors.

How long does the shipping take? 

Our products are shipped directly from the supplier to you. This way we can make huge savings on both storage and transportation costs and deliver our products at a fairer price than our competitors. You should therefore expect an average delivery time of 15-21 working days to the UNITED STATES.