Shavio™ - Premium Grooming Kit
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Durable Material

Shave Your Hairs Quickly & Safely! 

Want to shave your hairs instantly and efficiently without wasting time? Want to shave your beard without having cuts and damaging your skin?

Shavio™ will be the perfect solution forever. It is the most effective grooming device on the market. It is compact, easy to use, and safe. Your all in one premium grooming kit comes with everything you need for head and face shaving. It will provides you the fast and enjoyable shaving experience!


✔️ Innovative Design

Its mastered design with the use of best in class materials. It is equipped with our signature patented innovative ergonomic handle which offers easy grip and perfectly fits your hand to ensure comfortable and intuitive shaving of your head and face!

✔️ Flexibility & Shaves Faster

Get an easy access and extra reach to all areas of your head, face, and neck. It is ultra flexible flexing shaver blades that closely follow every curve. All this means a faster shave so you can get on with life!

✔️ Shaves Without Mess

It uses IPX6 technology and is water resistant giving you the freedom and convenience of shaving in the shower, as well as easily rinsing your shaver under the running water. It is also perfectly adapted for dry shaving!

✔️ Durable Material

It is made of high-quality material with integrated LED illuminated LCD display to make the daily use of your shaver even more practical. It will last for years and still works like a new one!

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Marc Wintheiser

Thanks for the product is great comes everything in order I never thought q was so good but the truth if q is worth it

Lavonne Grimes

Shavio™ - Premium Grooming Kit

Darrin Connelly

Shavio™ - Premium Grooming Kit

Braeden Walter

I'm surprised that this product is not from Xiaomi, because it's the top for your money! And not for your own, too, top-15 minutes and your swing is as bald as you were shaving a machine. There is a slight irritation from shaving. The design itself, of course, is rather flimsy. But even if this thing lives a year, without a doubt I'll order another one. Extremely satisfied, it was about 3 weeks before Kaliningrad, the goods were tracked.

Norbert Stoltenberg

Machine-fairy tale, did not regret not a gram ..) Clear

14- Days Money Back Guarantee 

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily return it within 14 days without giving any reason. You will get your money back immediately!

We make it our top priority to ensure that customers like you are 100% satisfied with their order.


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Is it possible to use this shaver on your own or does it requires a helping hand?
This will perfectly fits the palm of your hand, offering the best grip for head and face shaving. A one man army is enough to use this wonderful shaver!!!

What is difference between this shaver and all other ordinary shavers?

Its blades are made of best in class materials to ensure flawless results. The shaving heads are rotary, flexible enough to shave the hard to reach areas. It’s difficult to find such great features in other shavers!!!

How long does the shipping take? 

Our products are shipped directly from the supplier to you. This way we can make huge savings on both storage and transportation costs and deliver our products at a fairer price than our competitors. You should therefore expect an average delivery time of 15-21 working days to the UNITED STATES.